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When in doubt, do not shout

When in doubt, do not shout

14 Apr, 2019

Do the smallest of things anger you? Make you overthink so much that you are thrown into a spiral of anger, anxiety, and stress? Let me then introduce you to an anger and stress management technique that works just on breathing right?!  We are talking about Breathwork—a therapy that, people swear, calms an agitated mind.

Breathe it to beat it

“Our breath has a language. Our yogis knew that breath is the key to life. One who can master their breath, can master their life,” quotes Hitesh Vashisht, acclaimed Breathwork practitioner.

Breathwork alters your natural breathing pattern to bring about a meditative state. It is like the modern-day cousin of the Pranayama.

Anger and stress make your breathing slow and shallow; an angry person breathes more through their shoulders. Breathwork heals by control breathing, improving these symptoms, and leading you to a state of relaxation.


Inhale peace, exhale anger

The process can be summarized as a 3-step activity:

1 Your Breathworker (Breathwork therapist) and you have a conversation about your issues.


2 They prescribe you a breathing pattern that involves inhaling and exhaling in a certain way and for a certain duration.


3 You and your Breathworker discuss your experience during the breathing activity. This helps them suggest breathing exercises that help you manifest the kind of life improvement you are looking for.


Transform your breathing to transform your life

There are several styles of breathwork; Rebirthing Breathwork is particularly used for anger and stress management.

Rebirthing works on the principle that there is a connection between our physical and mental well-being. It releases all internal energy blockages due to suppressed trauma. It calms the mind, releases all negative emotions, and helps to achieve a state of bliss and abundance, significantly changing the way a person feels about themselves.

Under the guidance of a qualified Breathwork therapist, individuals have experienced reduced stress, a clear mind, improved awareness of themselves and their environment, and a lasting personal transformation for the better.

“Rebirthing Breathwork helps you rewire your subconscious mind. It is potent to give you the experience of oneness with the universal intelligence field,” explains Hitesh.

So, the next time you find yourself clenching that jaw more often, you could get in touch with us to find a Thriive-verified Breathwork stherapist.

About Hitesh Vashist

A Management Professional by education and healer by passion, Hitesh has over a decade of experience in Human Behaviur. Through 100 plus workshops, seminars and healing sessions, Hitesh has inspired over 10,000 individuals, helped them bring harmony in their life. He is trained in many healing modalities like Past Life Regression, Inner Child Healing, Re-birthing Breathwork, Family Constellation under the tutelage of Dr. Newton & Dr. Lakshmi. Be it health, relationships, career, finances or life purpose, he has the experience of delivering in all these spaces. He has been a presenter at many Spiritual Science Conferences. With his wife, Shubhangi, he has been conferred as Trainers of Quantum Life University under which they conduct workshops nationwide. You can connect with him here.


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