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Why we say you should really meditate with us at the Pyramid Valley International

Why we say you should really meditate with us at the Pyramid Valley International

31 Jul, 2019

India’s one and only ‘soul’ festival is round the corner and we can’t keep calm. GFSS 2019 is obviously your wellness stop for the month of September. There is so much that you can do at the Pyramid Valley International (PVI) that you will barely have time to worry about anything. But that’s not all. 

PVI (160’x160’at base) is an International Meditation Center serving individuals, societies and organizations in their quest for self-realization and spiritual wisdom and helps them unlock their hidden potential. 

This 102 feet tall Mega Pyramid enables one to realize the power of Pyramid Energy which can be experienced through Pyramid Meditation, that is, meditation inside or underneath a pyramid. Meditation is taught free of cost to all visitors. It also offers serene spaces to relax, meditate, go on treks, or just enjoy blissful solitude by the lake.

Why is it special to meditate in a pyramid?

Were you ever drawn to the pyramid and its triangular structure? Well, I must say I was. But it isn’t just us but even the ancient Egyptians believed in the power of this structure. It is believed that the pyramid is a soothing space outlined by cosmic powers. 

When you meditate in a pyramid, you are believed to be inclined to the Earth’s magnetic field. A Pyramid is the most stable structure, and one which receives the highest cosmic energy on this Earth. Pyramid Meditation has the following benefits- 

  • Strikes down stress and anxiety 
  • Banishes negativity and troubling thoughts 
  • Better emotional balance
  • Better cognitive ability
  • Helps achieve an alternate state of deeper consciousness 
  • Clears clouds of confusion and helps chalk out a clear life purpose 
  • Enhances a positive outlook and forges better relationships  

The vibe of the PVI is something that you must really come to GFSS 2019 for. The very minute that you enter the pyramid, you will be dunk in the world of wellness.

Make sure you grab this opportunity in order to welcome the world of soul-cure and soul-indulgence. Get your Donor Passes for the festival HERE.

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