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Will spiritualism go mainstream in the post-Covid world

Will spiritualism go mainstream in the post-Covid world

14 Jul, 2020

Due to the ongoing lockdown across the globe, we are experiencing a tremendous shift in the collective consciousness. Since people are cooped up inside their homes, they are being exposed daily to a variety of online healing modalities like Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Chakra cleansing and balancing, while many people are approaching Astrologers and Tarot Card readers to help them find their true calling and life purpose through predictions. Many people have switched over from their full-time corporate jobs to spiritual vocations while some are still contemplating and planning on opting for a full-time career in healing modalities. While we are living in the digital age, people are becoming spiritual which was not the case earlier. In the past, people were more materialistic and  more focused on job security and survival. The new age healers and teachers are increasing exponentially. People are answering the call of the Universe, going deep within their soul and realising that there is more to life, unlike conventionally confining to a small world, catering only to one’s family and loved ones. Avril Rodrigues, an expert in Tarot Card Reading, Cosmic Astrology and Meditation discusses how and why spiritual vocations are going mainstream.
Demand for spiritual vocations and mental health care on the rise 
The demand for Breathwork, Chakra cleansing and balancing, Yoga and Meditation is increasing. In the past, it was a taboo to visit a psychiatrist or approach a counsellor. Today, many people are talking openly about mental health issues. We now have so many mental health care professionals aiding us to cope with stress and depression. Life coaches have been helping people to hone their skills. These therapies have been gaining momentum.
Demand for astrological and tarot predictions is on the rise 
The shift in the energies is being caused due to planetary movements. For the last 18 months, Ketu has been in the house of Dharma, the house of spirituality. Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are in retrograde. Due to this, many people are getting in touch with their inner self and finding their soul purpose by tapping into the energy fields in a deeper way. The demand for  astrological and tarot predictions to find out about soul purpose and life purpose is also increasing. Most of us have lived our lives from ego consciousness and old survival patterns but when we get in touch with our soul, our goals and the way we work towards them becomes very different since we have completely tapped into our soul.
The coming of age of healers 
Rodrigues states that for the last three months, her clients and friends have been contemplating switching over to a full-time career in healing modalities. One of her friends wants to open a counselling centre in collaboration with her friends. Rodrigues states that more people are finding their own tribe to collaborate for the greater good to serve others, unlike earlier when people used to independently kickstart their ventures.
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