World Of Wellness: What Narendra Modi Means For The World Of Meditation And Yoga |
World Of Wellness: What Narendra Modi Means For The World Of Meditation And Yoga

World Of Wellness: What Narendra Modi Means For The World Of Meditation And Yoga

28 Jun, 2019

Whether it’s meditating in caves in the Himalayas or performing Asanas on stones, our beloved Narendra Modi is known for two things – for being the prime minister of India and for his ardent love for yoga. Most of the Indians who had no idea about the health benefits of yoga were introduced to this ancient fitness regime when PM Modi declared his love for yoga unabashedly. Let’s take a look at factors that led to a sudden wave of yoga lovers and how crucial a part the prime minister of India plays in this influence. 

The Wellness Wave

Our hectic lifestyle and overexposure to technology has not only led to an increase in the number of healthcare cases but has also given rise to new health ailments. Stress-related conditions and psychosomatic ailments have made health problems more complicated. This complication sometimes requires more than allopathic treatments. As a result, there’s a surge in alternative therapies and treatments for several such ailments, yoga, and meditation being in the forefront.

Unlike baby boomers, millennials do not have age barriers for any disease. Age is just a number even in the healthcare industry now. The rise in a number of such health ailments among people of all ages has made us more aware of holistic treatments and therapies. Yoga and meditation are known to be long term solutions for our health problems. As people are looking for alternatives that go beyond just taming the disease and actually eliminating it from its root, more of them are opting for yoga and meditation. 

The Leader drives the change

A leader’s beliefs and values often impact his/her followers. They mirror their leader’s actions and conduct themselves in the same manner. Not many know that he was the one to lobby United Nations to name June 21 as a Yoga day. Yes, you heard that right! His love for Yoga has literally given rise to International Yoga day.

From actively promoting yoga for wellness to naming yoga as embodiments of peace and happiness, Modi has translated his love for yoga into his mission statement for prosperity. When the leader speaks of how can the followers not take notice!

Many Indians have taken notice of yoga and meditation and have actively started incorporating these practices in their daily routine. Hence, yoga is no longer limited to urban elite practicing it in plush studios, it is now the regime of the masses.

If you are still wondering what has led Modi and several other Indians to become ardent followers of Yoga then read on to know the benefits of this ancient practice:

  1. Increased muscle strength
    If you are not a yoga practitioner then it is very likely that you might be surprised by this fact. A lot of Asanas in Yoga focus on strengthening the core and some require you to hold a particular posture. This increases your muscle strength and also your concentration.
  2. Cardio and circulatory health
    Cardiac problems are increasing at an alarming rate, especially among millennials. During such times, yoga is the need of the hour. Yoga and meditation are known for adjusting or rectifying the rhythm of the cardiac cycle and also improve circulatory health. As meditation helps in calming our thoughts, it automatically reflects on the cardiac cycle.
  3. Mindfulness
    We all have heard this buzz word and about its several benefits. However, we seldom understand what it actually means. Mindfulness is nothing but the ability to be present completely in the moment. As yoga requires you to concentrate on every posture. you automatically learn mindfulness.

Strong values and beliefs have power beyond imagination. According to the Economic Times, yoga is no longer just a national interest it has, in fact, being used to exert India’s power on a global scale. Now that many of you are engulfed by this yoga wave don’t hesitate to dive into it for a peaceful body and mind.

 Komal Patil is a business management graduate finding purpose through words, writing stories and poems. 

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