Your Karma Number and what it means for you! |
Your Karma Number and what it means for you!

Your Karma Number and what it means for you!

31 May, 2019

Our birth month is our Karma Number. It tells us what our soul has come to learn in this lifetime. Our Karma Number is where lies our true growth. It is an indicator of all that we will encounter, all our obstacles, struggles and challenges, in this lifetime. This lesson can be a recurring theme (often drastically) in our life, if we fail to understand and imbibe it.

What we resist, persists. The lessons of our karma number tend to get more pronounced in our lives till we learn to accept, learn and make the required changes.

But once we do that, life begins to move forward in full throttle towards our ultimate goal of fulfilment, happiness and achievement on Earth.

Given below is a detailed chart of the lessons to be imbibed by the different Karma Numbers:

Karma No.1 (January / October born)

Those born in January are known to find themselves in situations where they need to be independent, take decisions and provide for themselves and their loved ones, either financially or emotionally. They have to overcome an inherent lack of trust, initiative, self-promotion, willingness to meet issues head-on, over caution and dread making new beginnings.

The lessons of humility are very important for them. They should not be repressed but be trained to rely upon their own selves.

Those born in October should be pushed to take charge, be bold and take risks. They will be pushed into situations of power and will have to learn to be good leaders. If they don’t imbibe this they will appear weak and helpless. They also have a driving need to seek perfection in whatever they do. An inherent need to find balance and slow down whenever possible is important or they will run themselves out of steam.

Karma No. 2 (February born)

People born in February find themselves in situations which demand tact, diplomacy, obedience, great patience and attention to detail. They will be a little shy and quiet of nature. Although they would prefer to keep things private, circumstances will force them to mix and work in associations and partnerships. They also need to be aware of not being over-critical, self-pitying, depressive and complaining. They have a tendency of being very hard on themselves and putting themselves down.

Karma No. 3 (March / December born)

No. 3 suggests an avoidance of self-expression. Those born in March and/or December tend to shy away from self-promotion and being heard. They have a deep-seated fear of being exposed due to their lack of self-esteem and confidence. As a result, even though they may be very good at what they do, their inability to market and sell themselves will wear them down. They will be asked upon to learn to let loose and enjoy life. The lessons they need to learn are to play, not take themselves so seriously and also to let go and move on, when necessary.

Karma No. 4 (April born)

No. 4 indicates an avoidance of hard work. Those born in April want everything easy in life. They run away from structure and discipline. Their learning comes from the understanding that without hard work, commitment and creating a structure, they won’t be able to lay any foundation in their lives. Balance is the key. They will also need to learn to draw boundaries between their needs and what they do for others.

Karma No. 5 (May born)

May-borns will need to learn to be adaptable, fluid, versatile, open-minded especially about new experiences and cultures. Change will be their only constant. They will have to find learning through every experience that may be thrown their way. The constructive used of freedom is something they will have to imbibe. They can be stubborn and extreme and need to respect and take care of their physical body.

Karma No. 6 (June born) 

Those born in June are known to be averse to being tied down in relationships, and avoid making commitments. They fear obligations and have a tendency to leave tasks unfinished. Marriage, children, home, family, stable jobs, etc. become a challenge. They often find themselves in situations requiring all the above. This is the reason their learning includes being able to relate to as well as be accountable and dependable to others.

Karma No. 7 (July born) 

Those born in July have a tendency to avoid emotions and need to train themselves to see things logically. They fear everything. As a result, they don’t like to take chances and expose themselves. They prefer to hide behind their own aloof selves. Often, they appear cold, harsh, critical and distant. They need to seek wisdom, knowledge and an immense belief in their spiritual guides. Move from Fear to Faith should be their motto.

Karma No. 8 (August born)

Number 8 people avoid material and physical things. They must guard against financial cowardice, lack of business acumen and judgement and not behave carelessly with money and resources. A strong desire to be seen and heard is inherent in those born in August. They will be forced into situations that demand that they take care of all their resources: both financial and emotional.

Karma No. 9 (September born) 

Those born in September will be forced to understand the human angle in life: Compassion, suffering, emotions, acceptance and understanding of the human race. They need to move beyond self and look upon the Universe as one. On the other hand, being over-critical, over-emotional, over-sensitive, over-angry, over-hurt and over-depressed will not serve them well. And so, following their intuition and balancing their emotions is the key to serving their karma.

Karma No. 11 (November born) 

November-borns dream big and are challenged to find a way to be heard and understood. They live in chaos and often procrastinate about the long list of things they want to achieve. This can often be a source of frustration for them. They over-analyse and internalize everything. They tend to become emotionally distant so as not to get hurt. Their challenge is to learn to manifest their dreams into reality. They are also visionaries, inventors, spiritual gurus, etc. but need to learn to relate and achieve on the physical plane.


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Gita Hariani is a corporate banker by profession with 20 plus years of client servicing experience across the Indian private sector and foreign banks. A qualified numerologist, tarot reader and healer by passion with a decade of deep studies under her belt. Numbers speak to her and she loves doing detailed numerology reports. To her this comes as easy as reading a life story. Mother of two beautiful children, an avid traveller, loves to experience different cultures through her travels. Lives life in Gratitude.
We are proud to have Gita Hariani on board as a Thriive-verified numerologist. You can connect with her HERE.







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