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10 healthy snack ideas for your mid-morning food craving

10 healthy snack ideas for your mid-morning food craving

27 May, 2019

You had breakfast almost a couple of hours ago and lunchtime is not yet for another two hours. You keep looking at your watch – the time is passing as slowly as your stomach is rumbling fast. Yes, the craving for the mid-day meal has struck again. It’s difficult to keep your attention on your work and you’re just a click away from that special offer from Dunkin’ Donuts. You know you’ll give in to the hunger pangs sooner or later. But why allow your healthy eating routine go for a toss? We’ve got some options for you that are delicious but without the guilt and the calories. And giving you pure energy till lunch-time.

  1. Fresh Fruit
    A small fruit will do the trick. Apple, banana, peach, orange – options are many. If you love watermelon and other varieties of melons, you can have around 15-20 pieces of the melon diced into 1″ cubes.
  2. Greek Yoghurt
    Flavored with any of the berries or just the plain classic style, a small cup of Greek Yoghurt is the perfect filling for the 11am tummy.
  3. Thin Buttermilk 
    This is the probiotic everyone is raving about. Blend a bit of yoghurt till it is smooth. Add to it cold water, cumin powder, rock salt and a pinch of black pepper. You can also add a bit of ginger-green chilli paste for a spicy bite to the drink. It’s cooling so it’s especially beneficial in summer.
  4. Curd dip and cucumber / carrot sticks
    Hang up a cup of yoghurt in a muslin cloth for a couple of hours and you get a beautiful, smooth curd dip. Dig into it with cucumber and carrot sticks and you will be smiling till lunch time.
  5. Protein bar
    We’re not too fond of pre-packaged health foods (for the amount of sugar they contain, one could actually have a doughnut). But do shop around. With the awareness of healthy foods growing, the ready to eat food market has also expanded. Just make sure it doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners.
  6. Get Nutty
    Depending on your dietary requirements, you could a mix of nuts: some almonds, one or two walnuts and a date. Dates are filling but high in calories so stick to one or two. If you are in a controlled-diet programme, check with your nutritionist if it’s okay for you to have nuts.
  7. Humus and crackers
    Love.love.love. Enough said.
  8. Open faced sandwich
    On one small slice of multi-grain brain, apply the curd dip spread or green chutney (coriander and mint leaves blended together with green chillis and a small onion with a bit of salt and lemon juice). Layer the bread with thinly cut cucumber and tomato slices. Yum!!!
  9. Popcorn
    The plain salted variety will not mess with your lunch. Avoid the cheese and caramel variety at this time. Leave that indulgence for the movies.
  10. Hot soup
    Carry a flask of this soul-warming drink and sip on it to calm down the turbulent mid-day craving.

Pro-tip: Keep the portions small. A small bite of chocolate (yes!!!) will certainly not be amiss on those absolutely harried days. For the other times, you’ve got these snacks.

About Maadhuri Sharma

Maadhuri Sharma is a Thriive-verified, certified nutritionist who prescribes to the theory of balance. A balanced body, mind, and soul are secret ingredients to a healthy life. Her belief is the foundation upon which she creates nutrient-rich customized diets. Her impressive roster of International and Indian clients will testify that Maadhuri’s diets can cater to every lifestyle. Nutrition and fitness are her mantras, driving her to achieve high results not only for herself but also for her clients. She is the first Indian to be crowned Mrs.Earth International 2016. She was Mrs. India 2015. She had her own nutrition show Living It Up With Maadhuri on Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana. You can connect with her here.

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