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6 am-9 am: Your Perfect Guide For Mental Health

6 am-9 am: Your Perfect Guide For Mental Health

8 Aug, 2019

If I sit here today and simply throw instructions on how I think you should take care of your mental well-being, you might not even read it. That’s why I believe that making a tight timetable for your mornings can help you to follow it much regularly. Here’s what you can do from 6 am- 9 am before you rush for work:

6 am- WAKE UP: I understand that there’s nothing as comforting as snoozing the alarm and tucking in your bed. It seems rejuvenating; plus, weren’t we taught that sleep can cure almost anything? True that, except that humans are at the productive high early in the morning. Don’t keep lazing in your bed (Oh, gosh that’s the worst habit!) Rise from the bed as soon as you open your eyes and head towards the window. Open the curtains and let nature sink in. Though it may seem like a task, this takes about 15 minutes in all. Get some sunlight and look around!

6:15 am- WATER IT UP: Years of research has proven that water is a miracle potion. Having water early in the morning can help you in ways you never imagined. Just buy yourself a fancy, lovable and absolutely large glass. Make sure the first thing you consume on any given day is water. Japenese Water Therapy can also be followed. If you want to detox, just squeeze a lemon in this glass of water and have it.

6.30 am- WALK: Walking must be your favourite exercise at any point in time. If walking isn’t your key forte, exercise. DO ANYTHING BUT MOVE your body. Yoga, walking, jogging, running, gymming- anything!

7 am- CLEANSE: Cleansing your body is very important. Once you have water and exercise, you’ll surely want to use the loo. That’s your body’s way of cleansing your inner body. Just sit back and relax. We suggest, quickly go to bathe and get ready as you finish this.

8 am- RELAX/READ+ EAT: YOU CAN NOT/ MUST NOT MISS BREAKFAST! Sit down and chomp on healthy meals now. Finish this and read. READ something! Novels, newspaper or spiritual books- read something.

8.45 am- LEAVE: This is the most important time for you. While you want to leave for work at 9 am, don’t just hurl abuses at your neighbour or driver or that maid who has turned up late. But practice less- reactivity. Don’t react in situations unless there’s a need to do so. Just practice calmness and leave on time! Punctuality is rewarding, remember?!

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