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Ayurveda and Diabetes: 3 Myths Busted For You

Ayurveda and Diabetes: 3 Myths Busted For You

28 May, 2019

A lot of people today are affected by diabetes. Undoubtedly, if you look around yourself at this given moment, you’ll find at least 3 people suffering from this ailment. That is the sad state we live in, today. When you talk to people about your ailment, you will surely get to hear a lot of advice from people. When you talk about diabetics, especially, you must understand that there is no single medicine that can work for everyone in a similar way. Here are certain things that you must take note of.

Ayurveda and diabetes

Ayurveda is the science of life. The simple principle by which Ayurveda works is the fact that what you eat is what you are. A proper diet, a healthy digestive system, and a clean gut, thus, is the key to wellness- says Ayurveda. However, Ayurveda has a different take on most ailments. The specificities of ailments make this branch of medicine prone to a lot of myths and misconceptions.

Ayurvedic texts mention an ailment named, ‘prameha’ whose symptoms are similar to that of diabetes. There are 20 kinds of prameha that affect 2 kinds of people (depending on their body types). This ideally means that each of us will be given a different medication after a thorough reading of our body kind.

  1. One medicine that works for all diabetics is bitter gourd juice. 
    Fact: No. Ayurveda runs with the basic principle that we are all different and made up of different body ailments. Therefore, what might suit me or control my diabetes, may not be the magic potion you need. Make sure you don’t consume anything unless your Ayurvedic practitioner specifically prescribes it to you. This is not to say that bitter gourd doesn’t have medicinal properties, but simply that you must consume anything and everything only after consulting with your doctor.
  2. Avoiding curds is the solution.
    Fact: Ayurveda doesn’t ask you to eliminate anything from your diet unless it is junk. Curds are to be avoided at night. Also, check with your practitioner for the quantity of curd that you can consume and when. Ayurveda stands by the principle that consuming anything in excess is bad for your health, and so is the total aversion from any food item.
  3. Diabetics should eat frequently.
    Fact: This is a well-heard myth of all times. This goes with the basic principle that those suffering from diabetics must consume foods in every 2 hours. But Ayurveda doesn’t say so! According to Ayurvedic texts, one must eat only when hungry. This is because when you keep eating frequently, you end up taxing your digestive system which can cause ‘ajeerna’ or indigestion. Furthermore, Ayurveda professes that our bodies have natural urges of thirst, hunger or urination, etc. These urges shouldn’t be suppressed or forced on oneself.

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