Break free from the cycle of binge-eating in this way |
Break free from the cycle of binge-eating in this way

Break free from the cycle of binge-eating in this way

7 Oct, 2019

Eating more than required on a special occasion or a festival is quite common and we usually end up eating way more than our regular diet. But binge eating has nothing to do with special occasions or festivals. It is a strong urge to keep eating even though you don’t feel hungry and then feeling guilty about eating too much.  It is an uncontrollable sense of feeding yourself irrespective of the hunger or need for food that might have its roots in depression or anxiety.

Studies have shown that people with emotional traumas, addictions like alcoholism or trouble in handling emotions are much prone to binge-eating disorder. There are treatments where the patient can speak to a specialist about their situation to find the physiological reason for it, while some opt for medication as well. Having support from your family and friends can also add to the process by keeping yourself firm and away from all the unnecessary food.

A few ways to cut on the binge-eating spree:

  1. Understand your mental relationship with food: It is very important to understand the way you feel about food and also identify the reason that provokes you to eat. Consult a specialist and try to figure out what is the relationship between your emotional state and food. They might try a therapy named Cognitive behavior therapy, which works on identifying your feelings and emotions about something in particular. 
  1. Keep distance from stress and anxiety: Well, it is much more difficult to do than to say but try to keep yourself as calm as possible. It is seen that stress has a lot to do with binge eating habits. You must have noticed that we tend to eat a lot before a big meeting or an emotionally depressing situation. These could lead to habits of binge eating and turn into a usual one. Try to avoid situations like these by meditation or sometimes if prescribed by your physician, antidepressants. That is totally up to what your doctor has to say noticing your physical and mental history.
  1. Look for a support community: Eating disorders are very common these days accounting for the stress around us. What you can do is look for a community nearby and share your experiences while learning from theirs. This could help build a foundation against binge eating.
  1. Take care of yourself: According to a lot of studies eating disorders are mostly connected with one or the other emotional state of an individual and hence self-care plays a crucial role in curing an eating disorder. So, practice yoga or meditation, go for a walk or indulge in any of the activities that keep the blood flow right and you in a good mood. Mindfulness has been proven to keep the mind at peace, so try mindfulness meditation any time of the day and try to avoid that urge of eating when you don’t really need the food.
  1. Take the help of a friend or family: It is always good to have family around in difficult situations, also, in situations like these they can help you mentally and emotionally. Take a friend or family member with you for your therapy appointments and have someone for you to understand the situation. 

It might sound like a convenient disorder to have because all you are dealing with is food but it is not so! Binge eating has its roots deeper than that and hence a patient dealing with it needs much more care and attention than we assume. The solution is to first identify the problem and its triggers. Understanding and accepting a situation is the first step towards a cure and especially, in this case, it can be a little tricky. Don’t let your feelings overpower your will and you will break free from this binge.

Shivani Mehra is a budding author and a hopeless poet, a learning enthusiast and a dreamer who believes her dreams come true through writing.

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