Coffee drinking may now be recommended with green coffee! |
Coffee drinking may now be recommended with green coffee!

Coffee drinking may now be recommended with green coffee!

31 Oct, 2019

I have systematically moved from milk tea and milk coffee to black coffee and now making my move to green coffee! Yes, I know you wonder why not ‘no coffee’??? Well, it is because ‘green coffee’ is giving me several reasons to actually make coffee a part of my life! 

The reason coffee had been argued by many to be actually good is that it has several antioxidants but deep roasting them got rid of these antioxidant properties! 

So what is exactly green coffee bean extract? It is easy to get into the ‘where is the noise’ bandwagon but if we know the truth and the facts, we will be making informed decisions. 

Green coffee bean extract are coffee beans that haven’t been roasted or highly processed so it retains the good properties! 

So what are the good properties of such a coffee bean?

Besides antioxidants, it also has several polyphenols – one of them is called chlorogenic acid, which is found in high amounts in green coffee beans.  It is believed this is what leads to weight loss and acts as a fat burner. Roasting beans sadly removes the portion of chlorogenic acid 

Are the benefits tested? 

After making 10 adults consuming 170 milligrams of green coffee extract, researchers found that the level of these beneficial compounds was highest between half-hour to 8 hours and that the compounds are highly absorbed and metabolized! 

There is still debate on how effective it might be but there is reasonable evidence on the beneficial compounds that can protect us from health concerns. 

So what are the benefits that can convince you to start green coffee extract tomorrow?

  1. Helps with weight loss and fat loss: Well, it is not a quick fix but chlorogenic acid gets absorbed easily that burns glucose and stored body fat for energy.
  2. It can help normalize blood sugar: Lowers inflammation and aids in reaching a healthy body weight and potentially curbs cravings for inflammatory foods.
  3. Has an anti-aging effect due to antioxidants: Some experts say if 400 mg of green coffee bean extract is taken daily in the form of supplement, it is sufficient to make up for the antioxidant needed from the diet. 
  4. Can help improve energy levels: This is a known truth but now we consuming good stuff that makes this even more worthwhile! 
  5. Can help you focus and improve your mood: Research is proving positive effect on mental health, clarity, alertness, and motivation stemming from green coffee bean extract, which today is the need for the hour! 

While I have gotten you excited enough, I always like to put the cons/disadvantages as well. So please do not ignore these in your excitement.

  1. Overconsumption can lead to anxiety and blood pressure issues for some. 
  2. Those with heart issues, it can aggravate heart rhythm abnormalities. 
  3. If sensitive to caffeine, it can cause IBS, diarrhea, constipation, sleep disorder, acid reflux so start with very small doses 
  4. Avoidable for those breastfeeding or pregnant.

Green coffee goodness is here! Make sure to take smaller doses of 200-400 mg and not more. Also, check the chlorogenic content of the brand you buy – up to 50% would be great (otherwise you might have to consume more than 400 gm to get its benefits!). 

It goes without saying, buy organic sustainable brand!

Enjoy your cup of green coffee without any guilt and see it working for your health.

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