Eat these ancient Indian foods for a glowing skin |
Eat these ancient Indian foods for a glowing skin

Eat these ancient Indian foods for a glowing skin

19 Jun, 2019

Does this ever happen with you- You’re sitting on your couch while gobbling that packet of popcorn when your mother suddenly whacks your head and screams- “We didn’t eat that junk when we were kids. That’s why you get these pimples.” Well, I must admit, this is a very common scene in my house. No, it’s not about what junk you eat that screams for attention but what you really feed your body with. A healthy choice of food can help you in a great way.

Ancient Indian foods have a great bearing in our family system. As Indians, we are very particular about our food. The variety and tastes that we add in our food are not just an addition for an awesome taste but is mainly to make you healthy.

All sorts of permutations and combinations that we consume are related to an aspect of health. For example, the practice of drinking jaggery water right after having food is not only to satiate your sweet buds but also to help you with digestion. Likewise, we chalk out 3 Indian food items that you must consume daily in your diet for glowing and healthy skin.

Indian Food and Skin Care

Your skin is a reflection of what your core or gut is experiencing. That’s why you tend to get tiny pimple-like eruptions when you are nearing your periods or you might look pale if you’re experiencing an upset stomach etc. Therefore, unless you eat healthily, there are very bleak chances of you acquiring a glowing skin:

  1. Lemons: Remember your digestion told you to squeeze a piece of lemon in warm water and have it right after your meal? Or the time when in summers your grandmother made your lemonades? Well, thank them now! Lemons have purifying as well as nourishing properties. They stimulate digestion and help in flushing out toxins- all of which promotes flawless skin.
  2. Cow’s Milk: One of the most revered food in Ayurveda is cow’s milk and is highly recommended for those emaciated after injury. Ayurveda emphasizes that getting milk to a full boil can help in removing properties that can cause mucus. Thus, milk helps in clearing your skin. Furthermore, you can even use cold milk to wash your face to get its cleansing properties.
  3. Ghee: Do you remember that interview in which Kareena Kapoor Khan said that her flawless skin is nothing but a result of her having ghee (clarified butter) daily? Yes, that’s right. Ghee aids digestion, helps in easy transportation of nutrients and calms your nerves.

So before you book an appointment for a fruit facial, try to include these items and experience the long-lasting magic!

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