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Full Moon Day: Do you follow the Moon Diet Plan?

Full Moon Day: Do you follow the Moon Diet Plan?

14 Sep, 2019

This is a  topic that may seem bizarre to most people. After hearing of every diet under the sun, can a diet plan actually be based on the cycles of the moon!?? Science says yes, and here’s why.

It’s called the rhythms of nature. The moon has its gravitational pull not only on earth’s oceans and rivers but also on the human body which is 70% water.  Many women’s menstrual cycles run parallel to the cycle of the moon. Many people feel the ebb and flow of emotions along with the rising or receding moon. In fact, the word “lunatic” commonly used to refer to people going crazy, comes from the word lunar. 

Can we use this power of the moon to create a diet plan that works in sync with our bodies? How can we leverage the lunar cycle for weight loss, detoxification, elimination and more? 

If ever you’ve felt the lows and highs that come with the lunar cycle, this moon diet could be worth a shot.

Let us divide the ‘moon diet plan’ into 4 phases:  

Phase 1: When the moon is waxing

This is when the moon is becoming full of light from the new moon to the full moon. Our body starts storing energy and absorbs everything – nutrients and more. We start to gain strength but we also need to be really careful! Cravings are high, so there is a possibility we might overeat and gain weight.  It’s important to add healthy fats and balance all nutrients in this phase. Meditating and keep the mind at bay really helps in this phase as well. If you are sensitive to the moon’s energy, you will notice some of these symptoms quite clearly. 

Phase 2: Full Moon 

This period has varied emotions, feelings in the body and even a sense of fullness! This is time for elimination and one of the best things one can do is fast – it can be anything from 1 day to 3 days. You can start your fast on the eve of a full moon or a couple of days prior – purely of water and detox juices can do wonders! People have experienced up to 3-4 kgs of weight loss in this phase – the effect of the full moon and the elimination being the main reason. It is also good with or without the fast to keep away from milk, caffeine, alcohol and sugary drinks as it disturbs the elimination process. Letting go of all unnecessary emotions helps during this phase.

Phase 3: When the moon is waning

This is when the moonlight is slowly reducing and probably the best part of all the phases! Why? As the body is naturally detoxing and breaking down fat cells and removing the toxins from there. It’s naturally, the best time to start a diet since the body is already in detox mode. Your weight loss plans will show results in this phase, so don’t lose hope if it didn’t a few days ago! If you did fast on a full moon, then slowly move to start introducing solids.

Phase 4: New Moon 

Just like Full Moon, the body is most fluid here and trying to move from elimination to assimilation mode. Just like anytime we experience changes in life, we want to be gentle with ourselves. This is exactly like that as well. We need to be gentle and go easy – it is important to observe habits and gear up as we go into the waxing phase (where cravings etc shoot up!). 

While all of the above are broad guidelines, attuning to one whole cycle very closely with mind, body, and spirit will give you a clear sense of the moon’s impact on your system.

With experience, even if you don’t follow a full moon diet, you will be able to make a lot of strategic changes that are in sync with the moon and give you great results with less effort.

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