How THAT Pizza can derange your menstrual cycle? |
How THAT Pizza can derange your menstrual cycle?

How THAT Pizza can derange your menstrual cycle?

30 Jul, 2019

Eating those deep-fried french fries with peri-peri alongside a hot cup of coffee during your period seems like a super soothing thought. Club this with a nice burger or pizza with your friends by your side. Doesn’t that already seem like a perfect Friday evening plan? We get that. But what if I tell you that this plan- during your chums could be extremely damaging to your body? You won’t believe me. Then, you must READ ON.

Junk food can be categorized as any food that is processed and has added salts or sugars to enhance the flavours. In any case, these foods are very filling and equally inexpensive. This makes it very accessible too. But here’s where these things get slightly complicated- junk food can create havoc in your menstrual cycle. That’s one reason why, many girls today have irregular periods, early menarche and much more.

That’s why I believe you must eat right to get your menstrual cycle on point. Here are 3 foods you must absolutely avoid or control eating- to regulate your periods:

  1. Alcohol: It is common news that alcohol causes dehydration. Though you might feel like it is a good idea to drink and sleep well- this isn’t quite how it works. Alcohol, beyond all that, causes low blood pressure and creates more fatigue. To top it all, drinking alcohol during periods could lead to more bleeding.
  2. Spicy foods: It is a lovely plan to have spicy samosas and chatni or pani puri during your periods but guess what? It’s not. Having spicy food during your periods will only aggravate the flow and make you increasingly fatigued. Excessive cramping is also a by-product of eating such foods.
  3. Candies and snacks: Yes, you feel the need to have all those chocolates, candies and all those fried snacks to ease the pain. But what you end up doing is the exact opposite. Trust us, these artificial sweeteners make you gloomy as well as cause acidity and bloating.

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