How to keep yourself light during party night this festive season |
How to keep yourself light during party night this festive season

How to keep yourself light during party night this festive season

22 Oct, 2019

Getting stressed that festive times are here? Worried about the bloating, heavy food, weight gain, and routine going out of whack? Well, it does if we don’t plan strategic things. I have had various sizes of clothes and some of them have been used post the festive seasons!! So I clearly feel and know this – now I have just one size!

Here are some tips that will make this easier for you this festive season and then you can send me some Diwali goodies later! (just kidding)

  1. Planning meals: The day I know I have a big Diwali party and I am going to eat some yummy stuff, I do not try to tell myself. “No do not eat there!”. Those kinds of restrictions never let me enjoy the party fully as my mind is constantly then trying to use willpower, which is so exhausting! So, I rather make the meal at home differently. I stick to fruits and green juice and eggs – so it is low on calories as well as high on water content. That way I get leeway to eat what I want for the big meal.
  2. Chia seed water before going for the party: We know we are 85% water and if we aren’t hydrated well, chances are we will replace that with food! So before going for the party, have a big glass of water with chia seeds that keeps you full and hydrated. Automatically this will drop appetite and naturally you will eat a lot lesser!
  3. Eat small bites at regular intervals: We tend to wait till the end to eat and then go all out! Instead, keep eating small bites/appetizers every 20 minutes or so. This way you will give time for your body to give you cues when you are done. 
  4. Do not mix and bread and alcohol: When we have bread and alcohol together, we shoot up our blood sugar level a lot! This will also increase the cravings and one can land up eating a lot more. So be careful to not mix it.
  5. Workout must in the wedding season: We feel it is holiday time and we can give everything a break. However, I feel I do better when I sweat and steam so all extra calories and toxins have an outlet. Even if it is a short workout, it will work! 
  6. Herbs to eliminate undigested food: My reason to launch SUPER CLEANSE was this! It cleans up undigested meals from the colon and it can come as a delight during the festive nights. So order your pack now and have one teaspoon with hot water after coming back from the party! Or even before leaving for one – it will clean up the system the next day- Completely!!! 

It feels liberating to not worry festive nights when you have strategies around it – now I do not even gain 1 kg post these good times and that feels fabulous! 

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