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Hydration is the key: Here’s a wonder recipe for you from our expert

Hydration is the key: Here’s a wonder recipe for you from our expert

20 May, 2019

I must confess that I have often ‘googled’ how many glasses of water I should have every day to feel completely hydrated! 8 glasses? 10 glasses? 12 glasses? So many different answers out there and we do not know which one is correct, right?

Firstly, many people do not focus on hydration as much as they focus on their weighing scale – probably because they do not know the significance of hydration!

Secondly, we focus on consumption with hydration over absorption – and therefore just like me, most of us are researching the wrong question.

So first point, what is the importance? We are 85% water and everything in our body relies on hydration to function correctly. Water helps oxygen to move from the blood to our cells that lowers stress on the body, keeps skin cells plump and young looking, reduces cellulite and loads of more benefits for heart and overall health!

The second point, let us focus on absorption and one key way of doing it is to ‘eat the water’.

This is where the ‘signature hydration juice recipe’ comes in! When we eat food that has high water content, the water-rich food has other molecules around it that gets absorbed well by our cells and keeps us a fuller and hydrated for longer. We keep it raw so that we get the full water content and therefore, a hydration juice works perfectly well. Now some ingredients that are water-rich:

  • Cucumber: 96% water
  • Iceberg lettuce: 96% water.
  • Celery: 95% water
  • Radish: 95% water
  • Red tomato: 94% water
  • Zucchini: 95% water
  • Kale: 84% water
  • Spinach: 91% water
  • Red Cabbage: 92% water

Not to forget, all of the above are also packed with nutrients that are so great for overall health as well! So this can be nothing but a win-win daily regime 😉

Now,  let us make the recipe! Here is the fun, creative part that I want you to indulge with – I want you to use different combinations from the above OR all of the above and make your own recipes! Reason being, we need to start getting more creative and self-equipped with these things and also learn to listen to our body right? Make different combinations and check what works for you.

Other ingredients you can add to this juice are:

  1. Chia seeds – They absorb water really well and on consumption and retain the water levels within us. They are also high on omega-3 and fibre so that is an added advantage. They also have protein content for all the vegetarians, just one tablespoon can do some great magic!
  2. Fresh ginger – It is fabulous for digestion. It also contains gingerol that has powerful medicinal properties so adding it  increases the wellness quotient of the juice!
  3. Red Cabbage – Now, I repeat this again because just 1 cup has 85% of daily vitamin C content. Also, did you know vitamin C gets its name from collagen? Yes, so it is great for tight and supple skin!

Many would want to know if the above can be consumed as a salad – sure it can be but I just find a juice form easier to have everyday. Also, be sure to wash it well – this is one big issue with raw food and we don’t want anyone to fall sick with it.

I have a hydration juice everyday! My skin and health swears by it – I hope yours does as well.

Nipa Asharam is a certified health and life coach. 

Check out this Masterclass by Nipa Asharam and say hello to happiness (yes, great skin does that for us!): https://bit.ly/2WrS8gJ


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