Nature Farms: Harmonizing the inner energy body and outer environment |

Nature Farms: Harmonizing the inner energy body and outer environment

23 Apr, 2018
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Pure food gives the body pure energy. Harmonize your inner energy body and outer environment with life-affirming, organic produce from these Nature farms:

Vrindavan Farms:

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Mangoes, moringa and masti. The trio of organics does not end here: get naturally grown fruit, herb, spice, produce & a host of infusions, including holistic tisanes, fruit preserves, and brines inspired by the five Great Elements (Pancha Mahabhuta). Spend a day at the Farm learning how Slow Food is grown or else just order in your weekly quota of fruits and veggies. 

Sankalp Farms: 

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You’ve not eaten mangoes till you’ve eaten the ones from this farm. Grown with holistic methods that protect the soil as well as the environment while providing a decent livelihood to locals. Spend a day here, gaze at the lake after a delicious lunch made by locals, or join in for cooking sessions by experts chefs. 

Under the Mango Tree: Pic Source
Honey is called the food of the Gods. It’s easy to channel your inner God at breakfast with the wide variants of this 100% pure, ethically purchased, community-empowering honey. 

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