Night Affair: Say ‘NO’ To These 6 Foods to Embrace That Sleep |
Night Affair: Say ‘NO’ To These 6 Foods to Embrace That Sleep

Night Affair: Say ‘NO’ To These 6 Foods to Embrace That Sleep

7 Jun, 2019

We all love to sleep, don’t we? Your beauty sleep could be a cure for a lot of ailments. Have a headache? Sleep. Have a fever? Sleep. SLEEP, SLEEP, AND SLEEP. Why is sleep so important? It is so because sleep is that period of the day when a lot of important updates in your body takes place. It is a period of rest for your body when a lot of important processing, restoration as well as working takes place.

It is scary and amusing that we spend about a third of our lives asleep. It is essential for our bodies as eating, drinking and breathing, and is vital for maintaining good mental and physical health. But to maximize the benefits and to get a night of sound sleep, one needs to regulate their diet – especially the one they have before going to bed.


Remember when you were a kid, your mother gave you warm milk just before you went to bed? Thank her, NOW. Some foods determine the quality of your sleep. (Yes, that’s true). Which ideally means that some foods that you have will make or break your sleep pattern. Don’t go scratching your heads to know what not to have in order to sleep well. We get you 6 food items that you SHOULD absolutely AVOID just before you go to bed!

  • Pizza: Your late-night cravings can be satisfied in less than thirty minutes, but you just might want to reconsider that. Your favourite layer of tomato sauce includes high levels of acidity, which is just another catalyst for acid reflux, resulting in indigestion. Generally, the fatty and greasy toppings – especially cheese – does a good enough job of causing a painful burning feeling in your chest or throat, if not immediately then in the long run.  
  • Ice Cream: A bowl of ice cream might be the most comforting companion after a bad breakup, but there’s a limit to its flavorful properties. To begin with, they are loaded with fat, so you’re not going to give your body a chance to burn calories before going to bed. All of the sugar is going to pump your body full of energy right before you hit the sack, so you’ll be sending your body two distinctive messages. That’s not it, the sugar just gets stored which later turns into fat. After reading this, I suggest you reconsider that delicious scoop for the day!
  • Cereals: It is a breakfast meal for a reason! They often contain high amounts of refined sugar and are a little too much of carbohydrates. That might lead to fluctuating blood sugar levels, which is not the best of the ways to put your body at rest at night. Instead of opting for sugary cereals, you can consider the healthier options. Those which are whole-grain and have low sugar will satisfy the craving but won’t keep you up at night.
  • Pasta: This Italian dish can fulfill your hunger and save your energy. They are straight-up carbohydrates, and if you’re going to bed right after eating, that is going to turn into fat. Not to forget, the things added to pasta – oils, cheeses and heavy cream or tomato sauces, will only add a new pair of jeans to the cart, matching the new waistline.

Most pasta has a high-glycemic index which implies that it fluctuates the blood-sugar levels. All of this can delay your sleep and make you that annoying owl at night!

  • Orange Juice: Citrus fruits are known to be very acidic, which is troublesome for a person with a sensitive bladder. Resorting to eating a whole piece of fruit, such as an apple instead can be deemed beneficial. The carbohydrates of whole fruit can actually help your sleep, while the fiber will help you absorb the sugar more slowly, and not causing the uncalled changes in your blood sugar levels.
  • Dark Chocolate: The chocolate can take a seat at a dinner table but only in a commercial. Dark chocolate is a sneaky source of caffeine, which is known to keep you up. Almost all chocolates contain some amount of caffeine. While the dark chocolate is also loaded with stimulants like theobromine, it is known to increase your heart rate a little bit.

We tend to lose sleep over so many things, the last thing we want is for our late-night dining experience working against us.

Omkar Kulkarni is a self-proclaimed art appreciator, a certified film reviewer and someone’s favorite human being.

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