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Oil your way to good health!

Oil your way to good health!

3 Jan, 2020

Struggling to lose that excess weight? Well, a lot of us are! You might have tried multiple solutions, and most of it might have failed, but don’t give up just yet. Here’s a quick briefing on something that can just work its charm and help you lose weight.

Medium-chain triglycerides oil: the only thing difficult about it is its name

The medium-chain triglycerides oil, hereafter referred to as just the MCT oil, is a supplement that is made from medium-chain triglycerides—a type of fat. The natural sources of this oil include palm oil, coconut oil, breast milk, and goat milk.

Why should you use MCT oil?

MCT oil comes with a whole bunch of benefits that go beyond just weight loss. For one, it surges the release of leptin and peptide YY—hormones that make you feel full, and thus curb cravings. Also, irrespective of what diet you are on, MCT oil works great when it comes to burning fat and calories.
What also takes credit is the fact that the body processes MCTs differently; it converts them to ketones (an alternative form of energy), which increases your metabolic rate and improves the fat-burning rate. The benefits of MCT oil for someone on Keto diet are, therefore, not really a surprise. A byproduct of this is a better control of your sugar levels and, therefore, improved diabetes management.

MCTs are also super effective when you are looking for an instant source of energy that also enables better brain function. The body easily absorbs MCT oil and the ketones instantly fuel your brain. The ‘improve brain function’ benefit becomes a star when MCT oil is used to help people manage autism, epilepsy, and Alzeihmer’s; studies have shown that an increased ketone production can bring down the frequency of epileptic seizures.

Especially in comparison with other forms of fat like olive oil and avocadoes, MCT oil has fewer calories, improves your energy and endurance levels, and helps reduce the risk of heart disease.

A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, proved that when MCT oil was consumed as part of a weight loss diet, it showed significantly better results than olive oil. 

When should you not use MCT oil?

It is recommended that pregnant women avoid the use of MCT oil, particularly because there is not much known about its side-effects during pregnancy. Women who are breast-feeding are also advised to not include it in their diet.

Experts also suggest to watch your intake of MCT oil; excessive amounts have shown to lead to anxiety, mood swings and headaches. MCTs are processed by the liver, so people with any liver-related issues must stay away from it.

How should you use MCT oil?

The easiest thing about MCT oil—easier than its absorption in the body—is how you can use it. You can practically drizzle it on/in whatever you are eating and drinking (coffee, salad, meal replacement shakes, protein shakes), or you can have a tablespoon of it on its own.

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