These foods not only scale high in the taste-meter but they rate very high in the romance dept too |

These foods not only scale high in the taste-meter but they rate very high in the romance dept too

9 Mar, 2019

These foods are special and each of them has one exciting quality: they can add a dash of oomph to your romance. Go, get them now:

Raspberries: Red is the colour of love

Its ruby-red color is the first mood-lifter. Second is its exoticism. The more exotic it is, more is the excitement for it. Raspberries awaken a feeling as sweet as their taste. They are also claimed to have rich antioxidant properties that alert the senses and keeps it on the ready. Pop a raspberry in your champagne glass or feed your partner from the bowl to set the pace for your romantic night or getaway.

Chocolate: Dark is deadly

Dark chocolate is found to possess chemicals that change our moods and turn on the pleasure sensors. The presence of phenylethylamine injects us with euphoria by promoting dopamine in the blood. Dopamine is the kicker. It works directly on the central nervous system: initiating a feeling of stimulation and excitement that is followed by enjoyment and gratification.

Saffron: Those glorious, golden strands 

Saffron is all about the calm before the storm. With its rich flowery smell and sweet taste, saffron milk is supposed to be one of the most effective smell seducers. A glass of warm milk infused with saffron can really put you in a romantic mood. The warmth of saffron creates a curious buzz that drives the sensual pleasures.

Maca: Root for your romance

A root grown in Peru, Maca is found to strengthen the libido and romantic drive and also cure minor dysfunctions in performance. It is also a rich source of potassium, vitamin C, iron, copper and Vitamin B. You can cook, bake or mix powdered or gelatinous Maca in smoothies and puddings. Its mild, earthy taste pairs it well with chocolate.

Garlic: Stinky seduction

Absolutely dislikable for the stinky odor it produces in the breath, garlic deserves no place on the list of aphrodisiacs. Men who have a lot of garlic, have a more attractive body odour. Adding to this plus point, garlic has some effect on circulatory and muscle strengthening. This stimulates the psyche and directly influences the chemistry between those in love.

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