This unexpected thing might be secretly using up all your energy! |
This unexpected thing might be secretly using up all your energy!

This unexpected thing might be secretly using up all your energy!

11 May, 2020

Are you constantly occupied with deciding the dinner menu at lunch and breakfast menu after dinner? Leaving you with hardly any energy to do other things that you had decided to take on?

Yes- everybody is home, and you want to do what you do best – fill their hearts with the yummiest meals. You want to pamper your family and yourself. Because currently, there aren’t very many exciting things going on. 

And we humans are on a constant look-out for excitement. With the world being shut down for 50+ days today, there are limited ways of bringing in excitement- can’t see different faces, cant go to the movies for a change, no point even dressing up and can’t even hit the gym!

With such limited resources for filling in our inherent biological (yes, it is the body’s need) for excitement, the only exciting factor is FOOD. 


Because food= love, and love = family, and family= connection!

So your way of making yourself + your family feel better can be having a side effect on you. What psychologists call ‘decision fatigue’ is when you use most of your energy in making decisions, leaving you tired and unproductive for other things you might want to pursue! 

So here are 3 tips from a Mind-Body Eating Coach

  1. Create your weekly menu – so your daily limited energy isn’t spent only in menu decisions.
  2. Dedicate a specific time during the day to make menu/recipe decisions: its very easy to slip into hours of youtube videos without realizing that the book you’d been wanting to read has been kept waiting for 2 weeks now!
  3. Make a list of what you and your family have been craving + what’s available in your pantry– so that you can then explore recipes themed out of those ingredients. Half the mental battle won!

Ridhi Golechha is a Mind-Body Eating Coach. She helps people with a step-by-step approach to understand the root cause of weight-related struggles, emotional eating and body image issues. CLICK HERE to contact her. 

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