Too sick and lethargic? These are the 3 health errors you may be making while you are dieting |

Too sick and lethargic? These are the 3 health errors you may be making while you are dieting

25 Jun, 2019
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A lot of us today want to lose weight, while many of us want to gain some. Each of us, in our usual routine, want to look perfect (well, we didn’t say that perfection can be different to different people, did we?). You follow the diet that your nutritionist has given you, on the weighing scale- you’re acing it perfectly, there is little that you can complain about as the clothes fit you perfectly now. But do you constantly feel like you are missing something? Yes, that’s an indication that you are making a few health errors.

But worry not, we list down 3 commonly made health errors that will make you sicker:

  1. Overdoing the food-game: To begin with, complete aversion of a particular nutrient isn’t doing you any good. Whether it is about the carbs that you are completely eliminating or the sugar that you cutting down fully- it is not healthy. Understand that your body is definitely made up of certain nutrients and it needs those to function well. Likewise, going overboard with certain food items isn’t healthy either. So don’t hog on fruits just because it’s good for you. Everything must be consumed in a particular proportion.
  2. Exercise: Well, yes the experts told you that exercise is good for you- but don’t get to exercising too much or not exercising at all. Let moderation be a constant in your regime! Also, as much as you exercise, it is important to rest too. Sleep well and exercise equally too. Don’t make the mistake of treating your body like some machine.
  3. Linking acidity to a particular food: This one is a bad mistake. Acidity works in mysterious ways. It need not always be that holy chai or yummy vada-pav. It could be due to lack of sleep, erratic food patterns, smoking, drinking or excessive stress. Simply put, it could even occur due to dehydration, late dinners or simply your faulty lifestyle. Don’t eliminate a food item because you suffer from acidity but ask yourself about the changes that have occurred in recent months. Track those changes and improve your lifestyle!

Do yourself a favour now and stop convincing yourself that your fitness is equal to your body weight!

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