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Want to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels? Just have this

Want to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels? Just have this

7 Jun, 2019

Blood pressure can be termed as one of the most frequently heard-of found ailments today. If you look around now, you will surely find at least 3 people suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension. Most doctors will recommend a diet to go along with your packed schedule. But following the diet isn’t that easy.

While we are always on-the-go, there is very little that we can do to maintain a strict diet. But what if we told you there was this one thing that you can have to control these levels? Don’t believe us? We have proof!

That’s why a Japanese study has found that consuming ‘unsalted tomato juice’ everyday is a good way of lowering your blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels. According to a study conducted by Tokyo Medical and Dental University researchers found that if someone consumed 200 ml of unsalted tomato juice daily, their blood pressure levels dropped by at least 3 percent. The research was conducted in 500 residents- 184 males and 297 females and the results found were the same among men and women. This study is now published in the Journal of Food Science and Nutrition. 

The study also concludes that drinking this can avert cardiovascular diseases among those adults in pre-hypertension or hypertensive stage too. The study doesn’t come as a major shock because the effects of tomato on patients suffering from hypertension aren’t unknown.

Tomatoes and heart health

Tomatoes are one of the most healthy plants that one can know about. It acquires its red colour due to a chemical named lycopene. This is the same chemical that is responsible for preventing plaque from getting accumulated in one’s arteries, causing a drop in blood pressure. Furthermore, tomatoes decrease the absorption of dietary cholesterol in the small intestine as well as the cholesterol synthesis in the liver.

Not only this, tomatoes are great for your skin and overall health too. They contain properties that help in building stronger immunity.

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