World heart day: 3 Grains To Include In Your Diet For A Healthy Heart |
World heart day: 3 Grains To Include In Your Diet For A Healthy Heart

World heart day: 3 Grains To Include In Your Diet For A Healthy Heart

29 Sep, 2019

A healthy heart, a hearty smile and a smiling face are all you need to conquer the world. That’s why we tell you to take care of your heart- so as to manage the other two! 

This World Heart Day, let’s look forward to including 3 grains in your daily diet that will keep your ticker in its best rhythm! 

3 Grains For A Healthy Heart

  1. Rice: Did we really say rice? Well, yes we did! “Primarily, the best grain to consume for your heart health is rice, although it may come as a shock to most of us,” says Swetha Ashok, Thriive-verified Nutritionist, and lifestyle consultant. Rice is rich in soluble fiber which is very good for our heart health. “I would say brown rice is a better option as it is not deprived of the nutrients that white rice is. But you can even opt for unpolished white rice,” she added.
    Not only that, rice is easily accessible and a gluten-free cereal. So, anyone with an allergy can safely consume those lovely dum biryanis or pulao and so on! “White rice is a staple part of Indian cuisine and very delicious in its different forms. With brown rice cooking time is higher. The solution for this is to soak it 30 minutes prior and then cook it,” added Ashok. 
  2. Corn: Although you may think that it is more of a vegetable, it is not. Corn, in its purest and raw form, is one of the healthiest grains for your heart. This wonder grain is packed with antioxidants that protect your ticker as well as keep you fit as a fiddle. We suggest you eat it from the cob or toast the kernels for some delicious popcorn. 
  3. Quinoa: Easily cooked, gluten-free and mildly flavoured, quinoa can safely be called your wholesome protein package. This protein powerhouse also contains all the nine amino acids, magnesium, iron, potassium, and fiber. You could simply make quinoa salads a part of your weekly health snack and reap all its benefits! 

For a healthy heart, you must maintain a good lifestyle as well as a balanced diet. This World Heart Day, pledge to keep your heart ticking! 

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