World Suicide Prevention Day: Make sure you eat these if you are clinically depressed |
World Suicide Prevention Day: Make sure you eat these if you are clinically depressed

World Suicide Prevention Day: Make sure you eat these if you are clinically depressed

10 Sep, 2019

In this ever-demanding world, the stress levels have risen sharply often leaving us low, lonely or depressed. Yet, some situations go deeper than the usual work stress and ego hustles. Many suffer from different stages of depression in their lives due to various causes.  But don’t worry there is order in every disorder, it is just about cracking the code. 

What is Clinical Depression?

We might use the word Depression more often than usual these days but the actual severity of the condition is much more than just the feeling of low energy or loneliness. Depression can range from mild and moderate to severe, uncontrollable conditions. 

Clinical depression is the most severe form of depression, also known as Major Depressive Disorder. Unlike mild and moderate state which can be directly related to a loss or anxiety, clinical depression can have roots deeper than the known emotional states.  

Now, depression is a condition that most probably has its links somewhere deep inside you and if you try to put yourself in order, bit by bit it can be cured as well. A very strange and important connection lies between depression and food. The diet of a person can majorly improve the condition of an individual, even for depression. Following are a few foods that you should make sure are in your grocery list if you are clinically depressed: 

  1. Selenium, can improve mood and reduce anxiety. It can be found in foods like whole grains, Brazil nuts, and seafood. You can also buy supplements but it is always good to eat natural foods. 
  2. Vitamin D is another vital that can help fight depression. Now, taking a walk in mild sunlight is never a bad idea but foods like dairy products could also be your stop for some necessary Vitamin D. 
  3. Studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids can help prevent depression by increasing brain activity. A few things that contain omega-3 fatty acids are flax seeds, flaxseed oil, chia seeds & walnuts. 
  4. Zinc helps the body understand the taste and keeps the immune system stable and strong, which one way or the other can influence depression and its forms. Eating foods rich in Zinc makes sure you have a healthy body and hence a healthy state of mind. Zinc can be consumed in natural form in whole grains, beans, nuts, and pumpkin seeds.
  5. Protein enhances the body’s ability to grow and repair whilst also having the abilities to deal with the depression cycle. A protein named tryptophan is used by the body to create serotonin, the happy hormone. Intake of Tryptophan can elevate one’s mood hence proving a big tool in fighting depression. Tryptophan is found in foods like chickpeas.

Though these foods can create a balance,  there are a few foods that can hinder it. Alcohol, junk food, processed food and oils, saturated fats and caffeine should be avoided in cases of clinical depression. They can cause chemical addictions and dependency in the body, leading to a vicious cycle that triggers bouts of recurring depression. 

Instead, try leafy vegetables and fibrous fruits to keep the body light, and the flow of energy strong. Diet can balance the mind through the body, however half of the roots are still mental and emotional. Try to maintain a lifestyle that pushes you towards a better life. And always, always, seek help! 

      Go for a walk every morning

      Exercise or pick up a rather physical activity that you can indulge in every day

      Find your muse

      Meet your friends and family

      Cook or indulge in a leisurely hobby 

Clinical depression like any other disorder brings you to a situation where you have to first go through your own walls and fears.  It takes both your efforts as well as determination to do better than calling a truce with depression. Stand up and make a choice for a fulfilled life, body, mind and soul.  If you need help, consult our verified thriive life coaches and counsellours at 

 Shivani Mehra is a budding author and a hopeless poet, a learning enthusiast and a dreamer who believes her dreams come true through writing. 

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