Your Food Guide During Monsoons |
Your Food Guide During Monsoons

Your Food Guide During Monsoons

19 Jun, 2019

I love rains – especially if I’m indoors sipping tea and listening to the pitter-patter of the raindrops. But I must admit that monsoon would make me lethargic and ‘okay whatever’ attitude would drive my choices. Everything would feel more wet and dull throughout the day. Little did I know my food choices could change this while I enjoy this beautiful romantic weather!

So let us swipe right (say a BIG YES) to the following food:

  1. The Gourd Family – yes multiple gourd vegetables are stepping in your inner circle!
  1. Bottle Gourd (Lauki): Most under-rated vegetable of the season award goes to this one! Rich in fibre – both soluble and insoluble along with rich vitamin B, C and iron content, this can be a daily juice shot or in soup form.
  2. Bitter Gourd (Karela): Oh yeah, I won’t even argue with you on the taste. This does taste bad and therefore I rather just have a shot of it unless you are the few odd ones out that enjoy this in a cooked vegetable form. It is high on vitamin c that helps with immunity as well as has antiviral properties, making sure we don’t get a quick cold and cough.
  3. Teasel Gourd (Kantola): It looks like a cactus and you will be surprised how common this vegetable is in an Indian household – some might not be cooking this often but for the monsoons, welcome a comeback! High on protein, fibre, and iron, this one keeps the stomach in good shape and the digestive tract pretty strong.
  4. Snake Gourd (parwal): I actually like this vegetable with the right spices, this one can be yummy! Now if I know that this will not give me cold, cough and headaches so that I can enjoy my weekend drink then why won’t I have it more often, right?

Add these 4 right away without waiting so that the weather works for you and not against you!

  1. The Herbs Family – my love for herbs always makes me discover what works right when – while there are many, I have shortlisted these few to make it easy to consume daily and usually accessible around the corner.
  2. Turmeric – Half a glass of hot cow’s milk or almond milk with a ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder can be a regular night routine in the monsoons. It’s antibiotic and antiseptic properties shoo away the monsoon illness and makes me feel really warm. Sip it while you snack a TV show at night and feel the relaxation come along.
  3. Tulsi – Mucus and chest congestions are exhausting – they disturb the workout routine, sleep and the performance also drops! Tulsi, also called the holy basil helps to move the mucus and clear up chest congestion.
  4. Coriander – sprinkle away this herb on your vegetables, soups and even dal. Even great for joint pains and headaches! If you don’t want to sprinkle it on food, you can make a brew of coriander powder and dry ginger in hot water as well.

We are blessed to have such a beautiful monsoon in our country – let’s crib less and embrace it – holistically!

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