Erik Berglund is our Astral Ambassador. He passed to the Spirit World on 2nd September 2013. We miss him but we feel blessed by his love and support that he transmits to us from his astral abode even today.

Erik grew up in an artistic household. His mother was a singer and choir director, and his father was head of the fine Arts Department and Orchestra Director at St. Olaf College. Erik involved himself in all kinds of artistic activities such as puppetry, filmmaking, drama and painting. He also played the piano and the violin. When he sang, his refined tenor voice, accompanied by the crystalline sounds of his Irish harp, was like an angel’s. Of Norwegian descent, Erik toured Norway, playing the violin in his father’s orchestra.

He was a unique recording artist. Like the troubadours of yore, he combined his musical talents with the Spirit and power of God’s healing gifts. Erik was a sensitive healer and his life has impacted thousands through concerts, workshops, retreats and private healing sessions.

He often led group-energizing sessions in conventions, conferences and symposiums. His contribution to gatherings such as the 25th anniversary of the United Nations, the Gathering of the Masters in New Zealand, the Light Workers gatherings in Australia and Florida, the Body-Mind-Spirit Festival in London and the Wesak Festivals in Mount Shasta has been immense.

Erik has also been an integral part of Group Avatar Conferences and International MAPs Retreats with Jasmuheen. For many years Erik hosted Mount Shasta Millennium, an international gathering of light workers held in California each summer. His workshops included Abundance, Relationships, Healing, and Angel Workshops. These were inspired by the angels and were designed to uplift and heal with beauty and love.

Erik Berglund’s music shall forever continue to resonate with and provide solace to the wounded souls of this world.

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