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About The Facilitator

Hello I'm Chirasree Banerjee. I'm a spiritual transformational teacher, author,reiki grandmaster,light language healer,NLP practitioner and Life Coach certified by Nitin Mohan Lal,tarot reader,a business coach certified by Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi. I'm also a joyous body protocol practitioner certified by Infinite Healing UK.Meanwhile I invented my own therapeutic modality QECAT(Quantum Entanglement Consciousness Alignment Therapy) and my life purpose is to shift collective consciousness as a Quantum Integration Therapist Specialised In Emotional Intelligence Expansion✨ Some services through which we can add more value in your life are tarot reading, coaching, healing, personal and group mentorship programs, courses and more

About The Organisation

Quantum Dynamic 8 is an all purpose e learning online school portal that brings in the opportunity to learn, earn and grow. From tarot reading to manifestation to emotional healing, we have all genres of courses that are lead generative, available and waiting for you

Contact Information

💌Send Payment Screenshot With Questions, Name,Date Of Birth,Photo(only if you are comfortable) 💌You'll Receive The Answers No Card Photos 💌Paytm/Gpay/Phone Pe +916289067926 💌WhatsApp +916289067926

Frequently Asked Questions

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