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I am Kritie V Rathi, I am a practitioner of alternative therapies. I am one of a handful of professional Clinical Hypnotherapists and Transpersonal Regression therapists in Kolkata. I am a firm believer of karma & I entered this field out of curiosity and started practicing it fulltime when I experienced a "genuine spiritual connect" and compatibility with my character in this field.Other than regression therapy, I practice, Angel & Tarot card reading, Numerology, Bach Flower remedies, energy healing, mentoring & counseling..I am an MBA graduate and have worked with several MNCs but after having a firsthand experience with Tarot reading and mentoring, I felt a strong magnetism towards it which compelled me to take this up on a full time basis. I feel a deep connection with the cosmic and spiritual forces when working on predictions. Even though I have just completed a decade in this enchanting world, my predictions and therapies have been accurate and very helpful for a number of individuals from all walks of life and I am humbled to have a growing satisfied clientele, totally with the grace of God.

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