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About The Facilitator

An ex-corporate CEO who quit everything overnight to become a sacred geometry artist, musician, and spiritual guide. His radical switch from a profit-seeking chief executive to a passion-seeking artist and healer coincided with the date extensively linked with the 2012 phenomenon. As a spiritual guide and energy healer, his work is very original and his effort to create a simplified language towards understanding chakras, self-healing, metaphysical dimensions, sacred geometry symbols, and the extra-sensory phenomenon like telepathy and the pineal gland are noteworthy. Apart from the extensive meditation & healing expertise he also believes in demystifying the secretive and esoteric world of spirituality by use of simple logic and easy language so one gets a very deep as well as thorough understanding of the subject at hand.

About The Organisation

Zorba the Buddha is one of the largest open faith spiritual centers in the world hosting up to 400 programmes and events in an year fostering creative and spiritual growth. We attract world renowned teachers and international participants making this an ever-evolving eco-village. It is living piece of art in which seekers from the realms of spirituality, creativity and social welfare flourish in synchronicity. Our programs are designed to foster spiritual and creative growth. In close communion with nature we offer courses and residential retreats in meditation, wellness therapies, creative arts, music and a lot more.

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