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MY JOURNEY WITH THE BACH FLOWER ESSENCES : This beautiful system of healing suddenly and intensely came into my Consciousness early 2013! While I had used them on and off for many years, this time it was somewhat different – as I connected to them almost energetically – and realized over time it was a gift of great magnitude, arranged by the Universe so that it could be one more tool to help or enable fellow travellers! Tarot and my Spiritual journey enabled universal guidance, both practical and deeper; energy sessions and meditations allowed deep energy work, healing, connecting fellow travellers to their own fonts deep within … and now the flowers give me a divine and very tangible vehicle to help fellow travellers in more tangible and day to day ways. Often, when the other was pained, worried, giving up, tired, drained, angry, guilty, frightened, depressed, empty, overwhelmed or in shock and anguish …states we all go through… I would yearn for some here and now tangible way to help them even whilst the guidance and energy sessions did their work - and I guess the compassionate universe responded! I spent the last few years reading, introspecting, connecting to them meditatively, meeting other practitioners, doing two levels with the Bach centre ... and ofcourse using them with many many clients with very positive feedback … and as always ... i share this wealth with you ... through my WORKSHOP ON BACH FLOWERS . Like my tarot, spiritual or mediation sharing, i would like to take you into a deeper/comprehensive understanding - of each flower - as this is what truly enables one in the longer run when the many vagaries of cases/emotions/issues people come up ! This is usually arrived at with experience, as it will for you too, but I give you a head start by sharing in depth the subtle nuances that I have experienced of the flowers ...

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