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explore & rediscover urself through active dynamic meditations – connect with universal oneness through sound healing therapy & chakra healing – experience happiness & bliss by witnessing the silence within through rhythmic breath techniques – embrace a happy state of being through mindfulness & gratitude – find & align with your soul path through spiritual guidance session be the light u r.. open up to true potential & live ur truth. the time is NOW @lightbox31

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Thriive Art & Soul is India’s only state-of-the-art digital wellness portal, that verifies and registers alternative therapists from across 160+ alternative therapies. We have a 250+ strong therapist community growing daily. Also a wellness media platform we curate, and write cutting edge content. We host an impressive roster of wellness, art & soul events globally. Our strong social media presence (FB fan base of 28K+, Insta 15K+) and a 35K+ strong, quality database has expanded exponentially, making us a trusted resource of wellness in India.

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