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About The Facilitator

Hailing from a reputed Gujarati Business Family. Ssanket has been practicing Tarot, Numerology and lots of energy work since long. Ssanket had a family business of Custom clearing & Forwarding but his heart was into occult so on 31st March 2015 he decided to quit his family business and give his full time into the occult business. He believes everything is energy and when the time comes the universe makes sure you meet the right person who can be a guide and help you sail through your life easily.

About The Organisation

Thriive Art & Soul is India’s only state-of-the-art digital wellness portal, that verifies and registers alternative therapists from across 160+ alternative therapies. We have a 250+ strong therapist community growing daily. Also a wellness media platform we curate, and write cutting edge content. We host an impressive roster of wellness, art & soul events globally. Our strong social media presence (FB fan base of 28K+, Insta 15K+) and a 35K+ strong, quality database has expanded exponentially, making us a trusted resource of wellness in India.

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