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About The Facilitator

Music helps me share what I cannot express with words. During my journey, my love affair with music grew and I spent endless nights playing music and singing my heart out – eventually I came to know about Meher Baba and the strong connect with him made me channel my passion into healing people with Meher Consciousness sound healing. My experiences taught me that music is a universal language that can bridge cultural divides and bring people together in harmony, unity and open hearts. Inspired by ancient and mystic wisdom, as well as contemporary scientific research regarding the power of sound and its therapeutical effects, I began to understand that we are ultimately vibrational beings by nature and are constantly affected by our environment. Since childhood I started exploring different aspects of sound as playing with sound runs in my DNA. So as I grew I read, researched on uses for physical & emotional transformation and healing. We now facilitate group and individual sound healing sessions – applying different techniques of voice work and vibrational therapy to help inspire, alleviate pain, stress and anxiety, and give people support on their healing journey. Through the years we have worked with people with cancer, various addictions, anxiety and stress-related conditions.

About The Organisation

Thriive Art & Soul is India’s only state-of-the-art digital portal, showcases and registers a verified network of therapists from across 150+ alternative health therapies. Its online library of meditation and wisdom talks is unparalleled. Thriive hosts an impressive roster of wellness, art, & soul events globally.

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