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About The Facilitator

Brahmarshi Subash Patri founded the Pyramid Spiritual Societies movement in 1980, spreading the science of meditation to thousands of villages in South India. Drawing strength from the great masters that came before him he bestows knowledge and wisdom of Anapanasati meditation and other paths one can take on this journey of enlightenment. But rather than being hailed as a Guru, his mission is to awaken the Inner Guru within all. He was recently awarded the Life Positive Good Karma Award by Speaking Tree.

About The Organisation

Thriive Art & Soul is India’s only state-of-the-art digital wellness platform that verifies and registers alternative therapists from across 160+ alternative therapies. Its 500+ strong therapist community is growing daily. Also a wellness media platform, it curates and creates cutting edge wellness content. Thriive also hosts an impressive roster of wellness, art & soul events globally. Thriive Art & Soul, within two years of its launch, is considered a trusted resource of wellness in India.

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