About The Facilitator

Chloe Dodd, Yoga Therapist and Trainer is an adpet in the facilitation of the Final 3 stages of Ashtanga Yoga, namely the Antaranga Yoga stage of Mind Training and Self Mastery. She is a practiced Yogini and has been remote mentored for 17 years now in the art and discipline of Laya Yoga. She will train you to drop away the old egoic self and how to purify and detox the mind to reveal a new you, a better you. She desinged the Workshop Embodying the Self Master, the Classical Yoga way on request of her Gurus and Masters and it proves to be one that is instrumental in Self Mastery and Thought Transformation.

About The Organisation

The Soul Samadhi Centre is comprised of a group of Higher Consciousness Teachers who train the adept to attain the highest stage of Meditation in the Clasical Discipline of Internal Yog and the attainment of Enlightenment as according to Ancient Indian Culture.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected] WhatsApp/ Call +91 7039125822/ +91 98571 02657

Frequently Asked Questions

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