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Commodore Ashok Sawhney retired from the Indian Navy in 2008 after 35 years of meritorious service. He was initiated into Laughter Yoga in 2014 and was trained at the Laughter Yoga International University, Bengaluru, by Dr.Madan Kataria. He started the Jalvayu Laughter club in Noida, which is one of the most successful and acknowledged laughter clubs in India today, with more than a hundred members. For his dedicated and outstanding service in spreading Laughter Yoga across the NCR, Commodore Sawhney was designated Laughter Ambassador by the LYI University in 2015. Dr.Umesh Sahgal, B.D.S., is President and Founder – Delhi Laughter Club and Gurgaon Laughterians Club. He is a dentist by profession practicing in North Delhi and Gurgaon, started Delhi Laughter Club in 2002 with only 10 People in North Delhi. Inspired by Dr.MadanKataria, the Founder of the International Laughter club Movement, Dr.Sahgal found it to be very useful for the Body, Mind, and Soul. After getting a good response from the people attending the laughter yoga sessions, Dr. Sahgal decided to spread it to other parts of Delhi and NCR and now recently shifted to Gurgaon where he has already started laughter yoga classes at many places. He has to his credit live interviews on Lok Sabha Channel, Delhi Aaj-Tak and Good Evening channel of Door Darshan. He has been interviewed and published in the Hindustan Times. His interviews were telecast on Channel 9. His presentation will be on the Laughter Yog. Dr.Sahgal would request everyone to participate wholeheartedly without any hesitation as laughter yoga benefits only when there is un-conditional laugh without any hesitation.

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