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About The Facilitator

Vinny Bhatia started her journey in the mysterious world of spiritually a long time back at the age of 15 years. A Mass Communication graduate, a reiki grandmaster healer, numerologist, tarot card reader and pursuing PHD in astrology always had a keen interest in exploring the mysterious world and the intuition which always drew her attention in this field. She has by now done tarot for innumerable people worldwide in the past 12 years and has been guiding people through astrology since past few years. As she says, she wants to keep on exploring the journey and is blessed to have such divine connection with the universe through which the only goal is to help as many people as possible in choosing the right paths and help them with the simple switchword remedies which do wonders, as the manifestation power lies within.

About The Organisation

Enso Wellness is a community that is a true reflection of wellness which provides various spiritual and physical growth related healing programs like counselling, yoga, pilates, meditations, crafts - unifying, vibrant, conscious, transformative and rooted in love. Come be a part of a community that believes in our thoughts, words and actions having a resonance far beyond ourselves. We at Enso Wellness, strive to bring this spirit to every level of our business and community. We manifest our vision by offering world-class experiences in mindfulness and wholesome wellness. We're a community, a tribe of like minded people who have come together to support, inspire and learn from one another. Healers from various fields who were wounded, are healed and are spreading the message of self-love, support and care. Human beings are suppose to live as a community and should have sharing and caring attitude: And, we at Enso Wellness, are trying to provide the same.

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Email Id: [email protected] / [email protected]: 9711777975

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