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About The Facilitator

Quanto Shivo is the creator of Energy Matrix Astrology, a foundation that researches and develops the science of astrology. He has been on a mission to free astrology from the clutches of superstition and fear based approaches. He has also conducted an acclaimed TV show about careers and financial astrology on TV-9 Mumbai Channel, Each of the gods and goddesses, as described in Hindu traditions, are cosmic reservoirs of specific qualities, which long to make this world more beautiful. In ancient times, gods and goddesses empowered humans to fulfill their well intention endeavors. However, with the advent of low conscious times we lost this connection and these just became mythological figures with no relevance to our practical lives. Worship of these deities became increasingly ritualistic and superstitious in the absence of any real experience. Now, Quanto Shivo has re-discovered the esoteric process, based on the deep insight from quantum mechanics, for real invocation of these gods and goddesses. Hence, we can create a way of living which not only gives us worldly success in all dimensions, but also help us remain connected to our soul and derive deep satisfaction in our life.

About The Organisation

Zorba the Buddha is one of the largest open faith spiritual centers in the world hosting up to 400 programmes and events in an year fostering creative and spiritual growth. We attract world renowned teachers and international participants making this an ever-evolving eco-village. It is living piece of art in which seekers from the realms of spirituality, creativity and social welfare flourish in synchronicity. Our programs are designed to foster spiritual and creative growth. In close communion with nature we offer courses and residential retreats in meditation, wellness therapies, creative arts, music and a lot more. Situated on the green outskirts of Delhi our mystical eco-village provides a haven where soulful seekers from all over can amble along tranquil gardens and reflective ponds, experiencing exotic birds and vegetation. Our architecture is a blend of contemporary design and organic bamboo-mud-thatch construction. Zorba the Buddha provides an ideal backdrop in which all partakers experience rejuvenation and revelation. Igniting all senses; from witnessing beautiful greenery, to listening to nature’s quiet symphony, and enjoying delicious organic food.

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Phone: +91 8929290370 Email: [email protected]

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