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About The Facilitator

Jayapalashri ( palash) is a Priestess, Shaman, Light Body Practioner, Meditation Facilitator, Spiritual healer and wellness guide at Samaskara Healing Centre based in Bangalore. The concept of Samaskara is her brainchild...‘Counseling and healing has always been Palash’s dream and now she has finally achieved it. Previously, Palash felt like an anchor-less ship and she knew she was on the wrong path. Eventually after many nudges and subtle messages from the universe, she made up her mind to connect to the ‘higher soul’ within her and thus answered the call from the Great Spirit or Param Aatman. Today this has led Palash back home...Palash now feels happy and secured and She is doing what she was meant to do. The knowledge Palash gathered from various courses has paved the way for self-transformation and soul cleansing for her. Palash helps people with the right guidance for the people who are suffering from stress, anxiety, depression or any kind of mental stress in their life. Being a certified meditation practitioner Palash actively helps people with guidance and various techniques to be mindful, find the joy, peace & calmness in their life.

About The Organisation

Samskara Healing, is founded by Jayapalashri as she was guided to through channelized messages to keep the the name Samskara ( rites of passage ) clear message of a transformational change in a person

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Contact Numbers :-+91 84316 18933

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