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About The Facilitator

Lakhi Chand Jain is a Mumbai based facilitator and ‘Maestro’ of the Mandana. By profession, he is a multidisciplinary designer, writer and senior fellow in the art of Mandana art & design for the past 25 years. He learnt Mandana from his grandmother (Late) Smt. Ratan Bai and mother Smt. Shakuntala Bai when he was just eight years old. He has been bestowed with 3 National awards and Marudhara Samman (2016- 17), is the first man to paint contemporary Mandanas on canvas using modern means. He is a revivalist of Mandana and he has given a new lease of life to this art.

About The Organisation

Zorba the Buddha is one of the largest open faith spiritual centers in the world hosting up to 400 programmes and events in an year fostering creative and spiritual growth. We attract world renowned teachers and international participants making this an ever-evolving eco-village. It is living piece of art in which seekers from the realms of spirituality, creativity and social welfare flourish in synchronicity. Our programs are designed to foster spiritual and creative growth. In close communion with nature we offer courses and residential retreats in meditation, wellness therapies, creative arts, music and a lot more.

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