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Indian Yoga | Meditation | Spiritual Healer Coach. Founder of YogZen. Enjoy inspiring others to improve wellness and commit to long-term health and fitness goals. Energetic and outgoing with collaborative spirit. SKILLS • I’ve completed my Yoga certified course in Mumbai Yog Power Studio (Yoga Alliance International) with the goal of helping others to live their passion and purpose. • Yoga has played a pivotal role in my own transformation and is truly a passion for me. • I am looking to find a community where I can unroll my mat and spread my Yoga knowledge to everybody. • I have a natural ability to integrate an energetic class while encouraging students to stay in present and tune in to the mind-body connection. • I continually strive to invite all who attend my class with the opportunity to walk off their mats, not just with a great work-out, but a deeper sense of who they are, with all of their strengths and vulnerabilities. • I encourage a sense of positive ambiance in class while maintaining a fun atmosphere of growth and connection. • I enjoy teaching passionately by maintaining good time management skills and provide excellent level of service to meet the goals and objectives of yoga aspirants. • By using appropriate instruction technique and class format, I utilize comprehensive knowledge of the practical and philosophical aspects of yoga. • Every time, I demonstrate the knowledge of medical considerations of injury prevention. • I maintain high level of professionalism with excellent verbal, written communication skill and organizational skill. • I see that my yoga aspirants are always fully engaged and connected with me in the process of experiencing knowledge.

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