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About The Facilitator

Sandeep Nath comes from a corporate background, having studied engineering and management from the most prestigious schools in India. During the last 20 years, while he founded and ran a consulting company in brand management & strategic communications, he felt a compelling need to investigate the purpose of life and the source of our energy. This drove him to study from and meet with several masters of different traditions from India, China, Tibet and Japan. He brings the essence of all these learnings into all his teachings, especially Energy Work and Meditations that harmonize one’s respiration, muscles, energy and aura. He has synthesized the applied disciplines of Qigong, Reiki, Meditation and Mindfulness, and the breathing techniques of ancient yogis, to create a course ‘Empower Your Energy’. With an objective of promoting wellness and healthy living, he helps participants take their awareness to a higher level. His mission is to raise human consciousness through small changes in daily habits of every person.

About The Organisation

Zorba the Buddha is one of the largest open faith spiritual centers in the world hosting up to 400 programmes and events in an year fostering creative and spiritual growth. We attract world renowned teachers and international participants making this an ever-evolving eco-village. It is living piece of art in which seekers from the realms of spirituality, creativity and social welfare flourish in synchronicity. Our programs are designed to foster spiritual and creative growth. In close communion with nature we offer courses and residential retreats in meditation, wellness therapies, creative arts, music and a lot more.

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