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About The Facilitator

Hi, I'm Shagufta, a Changévangelist and I'm passionate about People & Change. Every session I offer – from Success and Essential Skills Coaching to Image Management; mBraining and Hypnotherapy to Energy Healing – is dedicated to developing and enhancing self-awareness, improving and actuating permanent self-improvement, and enabling self-empowerment. In the training arena, my experience is spread across working with clients singularly or in groups where my strength as a facilitator comes from my passion for uplifting people to live creatively, compassionately & courageously!

About The Organisation

Renaé is my passion brought to life. Renaé means to be re-born, inspired by my own story of radical switch where she went on from being a demure docile home-maker of many years to a feisty vocation woman inspiring many along the way.

Contact Information

Call @ +91 88987 50002 Whatsapp: +91 99308 02220

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