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About The Facilitator

Shreans Daga is the vice-chairman and trustee of Pyramid Valley International (Bengaluru), home to Asia's most powerful meditational pyramid, and executive director of Thriive Art & Soul, India's leading wellness platform. In both roles, Shreans has spearheaded communities for teachers, masters, and seekers to come together to evolve, and transform into higher versions of themselves. He is also a successful businessman and an investor, but the work closest to his heart is inspiring people to break free from the habit of being themselves, and manifest a new empowered reality, aligning with their future vision. He has gained a deep understanding of the world of Quantum Energy Medicine and the Science of Spirituality. In addition to that, he carries the wisdom collected from attending workshops and retreats of various key spiritual masters, and reading a wide range of books and literature. He has applied his learnings to his own life, and learned furthermore through his successes and failures. He brings this experience and knowledge spanning over two decades in an expansive online sessions and on-ground workshops.

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