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Hariprem and Kaulika have met in 2014 at the Tantra Festival in Delhi, India… Kaulika has a background as a well-known singer and actress in West-Bengal, India. In 2004 she received a son, who has greatly helped her in her spiritual awakening. The experience of being a mother has transformed her entire life. In 2012, she dropped her career and became a sannyasin. Hariprem, born in Holland, has been teaching Tai Chi and Chi Kung for many years, starting in the early nineties in Osho’s Commune in Poona. Since 2000 he has been mainly on the path of Tantra and teaching in many countries in the world. In him, the path of Tao and Tantra flow together as one stream. After their meeting, they were invited to live in a Baul ashram, in West Bengal. They have built a beautiful Shiva-Shakti temple there, and are since more than 2 years immersed in their Tantric Process, of melting the Male and Female energies and enjoying their Divine Union.

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