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About The Facilitator

Neeta Jhaveri, tarot reader, healer, travel buff and adventurer par excellence. Originally a Japanese resident, Neeta brings her love for the mystical into everything she does. After years of corporate leadership in the Taj group, Neeta started her work in transforming the journey of people around her. Trained internationally in Tarot and Energetic Healing work Neeta has now become known for her accuracy, great guidance, and bohemian spirit. She is also the official brand ambassador and leader for Thriive Journeys, the wellness travel leg of Thriive Art & Soul.

About The Organisation

Thriive Art & Soul is India’s only state-of-the-art digital portal, showcases and registers a verified network of therapists from across 150+ alternative health therapies. Its online library of meditation and wisdom talks is unparalleled. Thriive hosts an impressive roster of wellness, art, & soul events globally.

Contact Information

Call 7506424584 / email: [email protected]

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