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About The Facilitator

Cristiana Eltrayan, the facilitator of this retreat, has travelled all over the world, giving workshops and conferences on this topic. She has studied and practiced the methods of pranic nourishment and healing for the past 9 years and has created many projects to inform and educate on this subject: The Pranic Consciousness Summit, an online platform with more than 29 specialists in pranic nutrition; The Pranic Festival in Romania, a gathering that has reached it’s third year now, gathering people from all ofer the world that are specialized in pranic nourishment and detox ; and The Pranic World Book, in which she explains her own exoeriences and research on this topic. Presently, Cristiana holds conferences and healing sessions in several countries of the world and also helps those interested in this subject, individually.

About The Organisation

Soul Healing Academy is bringing you the best information in holistic healing and energy science. We do this via courses, workshops and webinars, either online or live.We offer our own tools and techniques, as well as partnership events with top specialists in the field. We are bringing groundbreaking news in holistic education so that you can reach beyond perceived limits and learn more about yourself, the planet and the universe. The people As we traveled the world and met fabulous spiritual scientists and holistic researchers, we shared professional experience. Now, after years of practice, we are bringing that information to you, joining together the science we discovered and the people who offered it.Soul Healing Academy is bringing together the work of top healers, spiritual scientists and holistic teachers, to help you find all the best info of this field in one place. And you If you are in a quest for personal and spiritual development, or you're trying to overcome health or emotional issues, here is the right place for you.With Soul Healing Academy you get access to workshops, classes and webinars, either live or online, plus books, videos and free articles that help you overcome yourobstacles and have a broader perspective on your life.Here's where we're bridging the Western and Eastern science on health and healing for your easiest and fastest evolution.

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Phone: +40 746 165 813 E-mail: [email protected]

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