About The Facilitator

Hi, I'm Shagufta, Changévangelist, and I'm passionate about People & Change! I offer a unique, ethical, non-invasive and easy solution to distressing parenting issues that a lot of couples face while raising their kinds. As a SleepTalk consultant and India’s first and only SleepTalk trainer, my consulting and training services are designed to go beyond the essentials, to provide a 360-degree holistic viewpoint of the what’s & how’s of effective parenting. Parents who have joined the workshop have always had phenomenal results and observed positive changes in their off springs. As an additional benefit they find that their relationship with their partners & the home environment improves considerably too. I’m ready to serve parents facing physical, behavioral or academic challenges with their kids.

About The Organisation

Renaé is my passion brought to life! It means to be Reborn which is inspired by my own personal story of transformation from a demure docile damaged home-maker to a fiesty vocational woman who lives her life creatively, compassionately & courageously!

Contact Information

Please call @ +91 88987 50002 Whatsapp : +91 99308 02220

Frequently Asked Questions

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