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5 not-so-mainstream wellness books for your November Shelf

5 not-so-mainstream wellness books for your November Shelf

31 Oct, 2019

Every coffee table collection is adorned with several self-help books. While everyone and anyone is out there giving the formula to live a happy life, there are few writers who have stood out in the crowd.

Most of us are guilty of reading at least one such popular self-help or feel-good book. How can we not when the world is experiencing a sudden strong wave of wellness, holistic living and other swanky formulas that claim to make our lives better? This month, we bring to you hand-picked wellness reads that are not so well-known but definitely have a thing or two to offer. Read on and pick reads that go well with your mug of hot chocolate and cozy winter nights. 

The Sleep Revolution by Ariana Huffington

This powerful start-up mogul learned her lessons the hard way when she collapsed during a meeting and hit her head on a table due to lack of sleep. She now is doing her best to educate the world on the importance of sleep and how it plays a much larger role than just keeping us away from the coffee machine and groggy mood swings. The book is a treasure trove for everyone who wants to know more about sleep – not just the usual benefits but also what happens to our mind when we sleep and when we dream. If you need one more reason to read this book then Arianna’s strong criticism of the sleeping pill industry will catch you off guard. 

The Power of your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy

This tiny book is your feel-good pocket accessory. You can carry around this book in your bag and read it whenever you hit a roadblock during the day to bring back the sunshine. Unlike the usual bestsellers, this book is not all jazz about ‘do good, feel good’ ideas but the author Dr. Murphy has drawn intriguing intersections between science and spiritual wisdom to explore the limitless power of our minds. 

The Happiness Code by Domonique Bertolucci

Though this book is written in the classic wellness book format giving you ten keys to finding happiness, it definitely strives to dig beyond the surface. Bertolucci tries to uncover how not our deeds but in fact the person we chose to be, eventually lead us to happiness. The book talks a lot about happiness but is actually very useful in doing the necessary self-work to accept who you are. The subtlety of the text and its practical wisdom makes this book a very useful self-help guide. 

Ikigai by Francesc Miralles and Hector Garcia

The term Ikigai refers to a Japanese concept which means ‘a reason for being’. This Japanese approach is used to find meaning and purpose in life. A light read that comes in a soothing blue coloured cover looks at existentialism in a positive way. Ikigai has also turned the entire world’s attention to the Japanese way of life. The book talks about a particular island in Japan where the number of centenarians (people over the age of 100) is more than the world average. The book gives you a sneak peek into the lives of Okinawa residents telling you about the nutrition, lifestyle and culture that makes this place where the inhabitants not only live longer but also live happily. Answering questions on purpose and existence with science-backed tips for a healthy life, Ikigai is a unique combination. 

10% Happier by Dan Harris

This New York Times bestseller is based on a true story about the author’s experience with a panic attack. After having a public panic attack on national television, Dan turned to the world of meditation to address his issues. Don’t mistake this book for just another read on meditation! This book will take you on a rather exciting journey in the world of non-believers, skepticism, neuroscience and America’s bizarre spiritual scene. However, by the time you are done reading this book, you will definitely see why a non-believer subscribed to meditation after having a televised panic attack.

Winters are all about feeling cozy and warm and these books will certainly add to your feel-good quotient!

Komal Patil is a business management graduate finding purpose through words, writing stories and poems.

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