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5 things you must know before going to an acupressure therapist

5 things you must know before going to an acupressure therapist

25 Jul, 2019

When trying out anything for the first time you are always engulfed with n-number of questions. Sometimes you get a preparation manual whereas sometimes you don’t. If you are heading for your first acupressure session then there are somethings that you must know or should be prepared for before stepping into the therapy room. Read on to educate yourself about 5 such things to make the most of your therapy session. 

Eat something

Starving yourself before the therapy is the biggest mistake to do. Eat something light and healthy before you head for the therapy. This will maintain your blood sugar levels and prepare your body to restore the energy imbalance in the body. If you get therapy on an empty stomach you might end up feeling light-headed. 

The pre-therapy routine

No, your therapist won’t start the massage right away. Remember it’s not a massage session but a therapy session. You will be asked questions about your bowel activity and routine, your eating habits and pre-existing health conditions. You will be asked to show your tongue or the therapist will examine your stomach most of the times. Hence, don’t be too surprised with this pre-therapy routine as this helps the therapist to gauge the workings of your vital organs. 

Treats more than pain

Acupressure is not just to curb headaches and other pain in the body. This ancient Chinese therapy treats various other ailments such as emotional and mental disorders and skin diseases, high blood pressure and digestive problems to name a few. To make the most of acupressure therapy, keep a clear goal in mind about which ailment or what part of the body you would like to heal before starting your sessions. This will help the energy to flow in one direction. 

Results are different for everyone

As acupressure is based on harnessing our body’s healing power to treat health problems, the results vary for different people because everyone has different energies with different kind of energy blockages. It also depends on the condition of other vital organs in the body. If you have stable health conditions without any major illnesses then reaping the benefits of the therapy becomes easy. 

Keep away from coffee and alcohol

Coffee is a stimulant and alcohol is a depressant. Both these substances alter the normal functioning of your central nervous system. Where coffee spikes your pulse and heartbeat, alcohol does the exact opposite. Such unnaturally altered states in your body can become a hindrance during acupressure therapy. As acupressure shifts sympathetic nerve activity to rest and digest mode, coffee and alcohol are known to interfere with this shift. It also makes it difficult for the therapist to gauge the effectiveness of the treatment as your pulse readings fluctuate dramatically when you consume these two beverages. 

For the first-timers, don’t panic by anticipating some painful massage. Acupressure is not at all painful. In fact, whenever you encounter pain you should immediately tell your therapist. Apart from the above points, let your therapist know how you are feeling on the day of the therapy.

If you are feeling low or dizzy you must clearly mention it to your therapist beforehand. Some people experience after-effects of therapy such as light-headedness or little soreness. However, if you feel discomfort that interferes with your normal functioning then let your therapist know about it. 

If you adhere to the above protocols, it will become easier for you to start reaping the benefits of acupressure therapy very early on. The above points are not just for the first-timers but for everyone to follow before every acupressure session. With deliberate discipline, you will be able to balance your energy centers in the body and harness the life force to bring your body to its most optimal state. 

Komal Patil is a business management graduate finding purpose through words, writing stories and poems.

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  1. my mother is taking acupressure treatment from nov 2nd onwards , for right hand shaking , Therapist suggest us to stop all medicine and do this for one month … please need your advise


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